noteworth: my favorite piano teacher …. miss hart

I had just started kindergarten… or so the story goes… when I decided to accompany my brother to his piano lesson. He wasn’t doing very well and knowing what a pill he can be sometimes, he started to act up and be a handfull. He was one of those hyperactive, move like a storm while destroying things clumsily, sort of boys. Sitting at a piano bench was very difficult for him. Lucky him, that I went to his piano lesson with him.

Miss Hart must’ve been very patient and hopeful because she decided to take me on as a student. My brother is the first student that she’s ever given up on, Miss Hart told my mom after she could no longer figure out ways to engage him. Mom was hopeful that with two children studying piano it would be easier . My brother spent the lesson time in protest.

I don’t remember too many details of my piano lessons with Miss Hart. My mom tells me that I did well and that I would share what I was learning. I was five and was busy with learning how to read and write, do math and the zillion other things that take off with going to kindergarten. I simply remember that she was worthy of filing into my good memory bank. I’ve had many many music teachers since then; various piano coaches, vocal coaches, conducting, music theory, harmony, arranging, yada yada….. I studied a season on violin, on cello, a few on the clarinet and on guitar. I even spent some time toying with a trumpet and an oboe.

I’ve had many teachers. And it is Miss Hart who helped start the fire to blaze my love affair and life with music.

I don’t know what’s become of Miss Hart.  I moved after a couple of years with her. But I do think of her and wonder if she remembers me.  She’ll probably remember my brother.

I grew up and became a piano teacher.  I meet many people with piano teacher stories.  All of them regret not continuing.  Some have  stories how they were a terror to their teachers while others recall a nice old lady or a college grad that taught them for a spell.

I am hoping to make the nice memory file with my students as Miss Hart had with me…. and perhaps ignite something that will be part of their life.

Do you have a piano teacher story?



~ by jnetsworld on September 16, 2010.


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