angel couriers to the rescue

Everyone has a horror story to share. Those stories are exhausting to live through and even more exhausting to listen through. Life happens. We become feed to FUDsters. Humanity disappoints us and we are left to pick ourselves up.

A well meaning friend asked about my car accident and then shared his avalanche of terrible car accidents and incidents he’s lived through. The only way I could lift both of our energy boats from sinking was to share stories of good things that happened to me that has built my faith in humanity.

Freshman year in Boston. I was GREEN!!! I moved to the big city having been raised in sheltered suburbia and military bases. You would think in a city with a zillion souls, I’d be invisible. I managed landing my first “grown up” job to supplement my work-study stipend from school as a personal assistant to very kind important man in venture capital. I was the only art student in an office of law and business grads. But it was a great place and everyone was just as kind as the captain of the big ship.

I rode my bike from Back Bay to work in the Financial District and marveled at everything; gardens, gorgeous trees, restaurants, hotels, churches and shops. I would meet a thick of people once I hit Downtown Crossing; on foot and on bikes. Little did I know that someone was watching me.

At the end of one particular day, I found someone waiting at my bike. He told me that I didn’t know how to properly secure my bike. He showed me my error and then taught me how to lock it. He introduced himself as Matthew and told me that he and a bunch of courier friends had taken turns to watch my bike until I got out from work. They had stopped a guy from stealing my bike.

After sharing a couple hellos with his friends, he also taught me how to adjust my bike seat to take care of my knees and back. He was great. This stranger gave me a lesson on city living and riding in good form. He and I walked our bikes all the way back to school where I introduced him to my friends and then I never saw him again.

It would’ve been great to write of a wonderful friendship that grew from that day. But that is how the story ends. Matthew, wherever he is, I further my thank you into the universe by sharing what he and his friends did.

My friend with the avalanche of horror car stories started to slow down and listen. I told him another instance. People that showed up and disappeared. My league of angels.

M: “Wow, JNET. You should be on the Ellen Show. They like these types of stories.”
JNET: “I wouldn’t want to be on any show. You would have to tell the story for me. You would enjoy the attention more than me.”

He made room for another angel story…..which I will share in another post.

The world is full of amazing people. A lot of people want to be amazing. When I feel the weight of life, I remember the people that shined their light while on my path. Their part in my story has become my treasure.


~ by jnetsworld on March 24, 2018.


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