the lucky day I said no to the lady in a fur coat


I went down my Boston memory lane and remembered a wonderful day I’d almost forgotten.

We arrived to Symphony Hall late but the box office was heaving. It was a premier show featuring a celebrated opera singer. Our friend had left tickets at will call but for some reason, we never got to will call. I just remember the shuffle of people. A woman in a fur coat approached me and offered to sell me her tickets. I said no thanks and found my fancy ticket scalper amusing.

Soon after she left, a man approached me.

XYZ: “Are you a student?”

My backpack and lack of formal wear might have clued him on. This was my normal symphony attire. I sat in the house during the free rehearsals as well as attended the occasional concert.

XYZ: “Today is your lucky day. My daughter got accepted to college and I’m leaving the concert early to celebrate with her. You and your friend are my guests.”

We followed him through the crowd, through passageways. It happened fast and like a dream. When we finally reached our seats, I found we were on the balcony just over the percussion section. We were looking at the conductor’s face and not his back. Conductor Seiji Ozawa!

I never caught the man’s name who graciously gifted two students that night with amazing balcony seats. He disappeared to celebrate his daughter’s college acceptance. I write this story to never forget good people are in the crowd. Out of chaos; wonderful things come. I send my thanks to the universe for this man and the memory.


~ by jnetsworld on April 16, 2018.


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