ambulance chasers


They’ve been the brunt of jokes. Is it an American thing or do other countries also have humor that looks at attorneys with disdain?

I have quite a few attorneys in my life and I’ve never really needed one. Maybe I will call upon a friend for advice every blue moon or refer a friend to an entertainment lawyer. I am close to them mostly due to their other interests like music and their families. We talk about LIFE like normal people. They tell me of concerts they have attended; their favorite pianists. I hear how they studied music as a child and didn’t get reading music down and want to make sure their child can read notation with ease. They lament at their child’s pop music fascinations and we rally together to broaden their classical training while fitting in pop.

So when my roommate decided to rib me on now having an “ambulance chaser” who’s a dear friend of a student’s family, I took pause and asked him who’s side is he on?

There are attorneys who take on companies advocating for people that could easily be swept away if they didn’t have representation and there are attorneys who fight on behalf of company entities. Why make a huge sweeping judgement on a whole group of people when there are a lot of compassionate good professionals willing to go to bat for an individual?

This ambulance chaser joke stops people from seeking help navigating through complex terrain. Believe me, I had no idea how tedious the process is. My car got rear-ended before Christmas and I’ve been waiting on reports before I can sort my car out. Meanwhile, I also hurt and am finding that the pain is not going away as fast as I’d like.

Today, I finally get to take my car in to begin repairs. I couldn’t be happier with who’s on my side. They are kind and they are fierce. They are the kinds of people and energy this world needs to create balance in a sometimes dark and confusing world.

Stop with the ambulance chaser jokes. It will make you sound like you are siding with Goliath.


~ by jnetsworld on January 21, 2018.


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