my fierce kind world

I had to prop myself against the wall while teaching a piano student last week. I saw her yesterday happier after seeing a chiropractor. Her dad had a less than sparkly opinion of chiropractors. Despite my trust in chiro treatment, the question came up of what if something is wrong inside of me that a chiro can’t catch without equipment like MRIs and X-ray machines. What if I bend to pick up a sock in a month and really start to feel pain?


My student’s dad insisted that I not go through the insurance process without an attorney. I called his friend/colleague and I feel better that the tedious communication with the insurance won’t be so tedious if someone who knows the terrain speaks for me.

Save your receipts and send them after treatment was what the insurance advised. I’ve been conservative with how to take care of myself. I don’t exactly have loads of cash to dole out and I don’t want to cash out my crypto. I don’t have a lot there either. (I’m a crypto baby.) With the current dipping trend, opening my blockfolio makes me sad. So….hip pain and stiffness….. what to do??? stretching is free. Staying in bed, sleeping under a infrared lamp like a baby chick, have been my way of taking care of myself. But it is not enough to hope that I will be okay in a couple of weeks with stretching and chiro adjustments. I don’t want to pick up that proverbial sock that will scream JNET is broken inside and I find my health and quality of life in a downward spiral.

As a rule of life, I’ve avoided doctors save for physical checkups. I’ve received gleaming reports and have taken good care of myself through healthy lifestyle choices. I avoid toxic people and bottleneck conversations. This car accident has put a spanner in the cogs and I’m not feeling right with my body. I’m off my routine. I want my car fixed and I want to feel better and my friends want that too. They are making lists of people I need to see now.

Meeting new people. Eeek! Meeting new people connected to the kind people I know….less scary. I mentioned I’m INTJ. Joy for me is solitude. Sadly, my body is messing with my joyful solitude.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have so many good people rally for me. I’m surrounded by kind people who love fiercely. When all is not right with the world, it means a lot that people care to make it right.

Be kind always and love fiercely.


~ by jnetsworld on January 14, 2018.


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