a day teaching in the cactus garden

Teenagers are prickly beautiful creatures and so are their parents.

I found myself consoling a tearful student after her and her dad had an emotionally charged conversation over recording her playing. While she excused herself for a moment to collect herself, her dad vented his frustration. A simple request did not land well, buttons were pushed and the moment lit up in flames.

“Do not have children, Miss JNET!!! They are a never ending headache.”

My student returned to the piano bench after her dad left the room and we recorded a bit of the piece she was working on. She was embarrassed and hurt. She had apologized earlier before stating her peace to her dad. It was an uncomfortable moment but I was impressed how respectful she spoke to her dad to disagree. It still broke her heart a tiny bit to hit upon a rough moment relating to her dad.

I didn’t tell her dad we recorded the piece. At the end of the lesson, he walked me to the door still fuming a bit. I told him his daughter was a good girl. Yes, she’s strong-willed. Some may choose to say difficult or stubborn. Strong, unshakable people who have their North Star are the sorts that change the world. Perhaps he was overwhelmed with the task at hand. He and his wife are very mindful of their role to guide their one and only child.

I sent the video the following morning . And I hoped that they will be okay in order to set off and enjoy their spring break vacation. I suggested that if he wants recordings of his camera shy daughter, he might want to sit on the stairs and record himself enjoying listening to his daughter’s playing. I reminded him again that he had a good daughter and the good work of building family shines despite the less than shiny moments. His teenager daughter adored him.

They are going through a prickly stage. They are going to be alright. They are absolutely gorgeous…..like this cactus.


~ by jnetsworld on March 17, 2018.


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