my superpower is invisibility

I wish.

I’m more stealth than invisible.

I wear headphones that sometimes don’t even have music going. I wear a hat and hope that since I don’t see you, you can’t see me. And I move swiftly through crowds because I’m fast,
compact size, stealth and maybe
a tiny bit invisible.

It’s easier to say I’m shy. Then strangers assuming something is wrong with me suggest I ought to change friends or my job before knowing that I love my work and my friends. Needing to explain myself instead of the organic-let’s-take-time-get-to-know-each-other makes them the exhausting component. Do people really become instant friends and lovers? How’s that working for you????

It’s hard for some to understand. That sometimes being with people is like running an app that drains the battery quickly.

And to the surprise of some, they wonder how an introverted person can have so many friends. Friends that call on me across the ocean when I get hurt….friends that will think of me as I search for a roommate when they live on the other side of the country.

Quiet people are not nonexistent. They build lives that allow admission to just a few at a time who let time and friendship tame the wildness and grow roots.

I’m building a kingdom. It’s surrounded by a mighty forest and the people in it are treasured and very special to me. I don’t leave the private keys for just anyone. Together we are swift, stealth and a little bit invisible.

I’m having a weird week. Thanks for humoring my thoughts.


~ by jnetsworld on February 10, 2018.


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