tsw: day 57 watching the clock


I’ve run out of benadrly. I’ve run out of bananas. And I’m hoping tomorrow will be a good day for me to run errands. Today, I woke up to dry, blotchy red skin that was having a paper cut party. It’s a weird and miserable experience that calmed down after a shower and a few ice packs.

I’m doing the NO moisturizer regime. After I shower, I put nothing on to ‘seal the moisture’. No emollients, lotions, etcetera after I pat myself dry. After reading several TSW blogs, I noticed there was great debate over whether to moisturize or not. Moisturizers are seen as crutches that interfere with healing skin learning to be strong. Many believe that suffering a short period of discomfort will open to a smoother roller coaster ride. Skin will still be temperamental but less angry.

After last weekend’s struggle to be comfortable enough to sleep an hour soundly, I’m keen to not have a repeater. Pain is stupefying. Sometimes, I feel like I dare not move. Today, I wondered why I couldn’t cry. I must be too tired to bother or perhaps a part of me thinks that pain feels even worse if you cry.

You would think that reaching for an ibuprofen and melatonin would be second nature by now. No, and I don’t want reaching for medicine to feel normal.

It’s 4am. It’s day 57 of TSW. My sleep schedule is weirding out. I’m looking forward to beginning a new day. I’m trying out a new supplement whose reviews were impressive. Tomorrow will be a new day to figure out and hack my wellness. Good morning and goodnight.


~ by jnetsworld on July 29, 2015.


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