tsw day 91 being strong while delicate


Everyone has them.  A bad hair day, a sick day, a sad day, a day when you don’t feel or look your best.  But sometimes, life deals you not a day but a week, a month or a bad year.  We all press on.  All of us are negativity slayers.

I enjoyed a bit of calm  where my skin was not angry though a tiny bit moody.  I was comfortable enough to do things I took for granted like putting petro into my car and getting some grocery shopping in without being distracted by pain. 

I’m sitting on the ledge where time seems to elude me during my solitary moments.  I am at my best when I’m teaching my students and enjoying my time with family and friends. Alone, I meet bits of limbo time.

If you’re going through TSW, I encourage you to schedule time to see your friends at least every other week.  It’s grounding and they don’t care that you are not wearing makeup.  

I’m getting better at unpuzzling the riddle of my health.  Using absolutely NO moisturizers is working for me as well as taking a certain nutritional.  I haven’t had an ibuprofen in a long while and I’m down to a couple of antihistamines at bedtime in order to get some decent sleeps in.

Do I look awesome?  Meh.  But at least I’m not cradling an ice pack and I feel optimistic even when my skin feels a smidge moody.

It’s day 91 of saying bye bye to topical steroids.  I’ve had a couple of mini bouts of angry skin but I seem to be stabilizing and having more productive days versus pain management days.


Pressing on….



~ by jnetsworld on September 1, 2015.


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