stunning solitude


Surrounded by people, Solitude finds a second to wink at me and I realize a magical silent moment….

There are at least four people in this shot. I waited a moment for the baby stroller to move out of the frame. And for a few seconds, it was only me and the garden.

Some need activities to raise their energy. I need quiet time. This weekend, I played the piano some and made notes for my chiro.

My left hand feels weightier and energetic while my right hand feels like a ghost. If I was a director, I’d tell my right hand that it needs to work on it’s presence and projection. My right hand still shakes. I entertained random questions like how would I keep very still if I had to hide from a ghost or raptors that broke out from a science lab.

I had to figure out a few positions to find my stillness. My imagination was entertained. It made pain less dominant.

How my world sounds when I find stillness…

The neighbor downstairs cooing at her puppies and the puppies’ happy response. The neighbor upstairs singing to himself. The rhythmic whoosh of cars going along Laurel Canyon. Sometimes it’s the birds singing, another part of the day, it’s the kids at play in the schoolyard, and summer evenings, it’s the crickets singing.

Solitude is stunning when you can enjoy its conversation and not be interrupted.

A bit of homework I give my students is to write down 10 things they hear while sitting alone at their piano. I enjoy their lists. The “list” was inspired by a violinist friend when I shared having several piano students who did not have an instrument to practice on. Aside from “air piano” practice, what else can I suggest to help them grow? Hence, the “what do you hear when you are alone” list; an exercise to fine tune how one listens.

It’s not only about what you hear but also how you listen.

What do you hear in your solitude? I hope it’s stunning.


~ by jnetsworld on April 9, 2018.


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