he’s the type of man that makes coffee nervous


Sometimes those that some find formidable, I find endearing.

A friend recently commented that one of the parents I know has quite the reputation.

M: “He’s the type of man that makes coffee nervous. Just the way he carries himself and those striking blue eyes.”

JNET: “I watched him do a staring down contest with his daughter. They were good.”

The man strikes fear in a lot of people but not his family and not his friends. At first I thought he was a military man simply posturing out of habit. Nope.

He reminds me of my mom. (Sorry, mom, in case you’re reading my post. But you really knew how to play the Chinese tiger mommy SOMETIMES.)

Some people are simply born the way they are, spilling out into the world to be lightning bolts. The smart ones know how to temper themselves while the not so smart ones isolate themselves burning everyone in their path not understanding how to bring balance to relating.

Because of my mom, I find some people that make coffee nervous… endearing.

The common thing they are trying to smite is what they perceive as weakness. I’ve had my share of staring down contests. Good lightning people don’t really want to burn you. They test you to own the moment and not give up so easy. They will love your fiercely and not give up. And yes, they may be annoying being sparky here and there.

You give up too fast, you lose control of your life. You lose control of life, you stop learning. Be a student in the school of life always.

Thank you, Tiger Mommy….in case you’re reading this. 🙂


PS. In case you are wondering, I discovered the dinosaur house while out on a walk in my neighborhood. I have goofy neighbors!


~ by jnetsworld on April 24, 2018.


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