fender bender christmas

My pretty 78 beetle got roughed up in a rear end collision, dashing out all plans to parade my nieces and nephews down Candy Cane Lane with the convertible top down during my holiday visit.

I’m still a bit rattled. It takes a lot to un-nerve me. I had been used to people slowing down to check out my car, giving way to my pretty granny classic. I had been accostumed to admiration, I never expected anyone to come at me with any sort of force or impact to hurt my baby. But it happened. After 4 hours of holiday commuting time and less than an hour from my destination, I experienced my first rear-end collision. My car was drivable. Duct tape secured the bumper to the body.

The guy admitted fault. The woman in front of me and her nephew was fine and unaffected in her tank of a truck. With my car taking the brunt of damage, we were all happy to be alive and ok. I now get to dance with his insurance company and learn the process of restoring my car to its former beauty.

AAA towed me back to LA. I arrived safely home. Tomorrow I begin the process of “mission fix the bug.”

I like doing new things….this is not one I’m looking forward to.


~ by jnetsworld on January 1, 2018.


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