complex meet complicated

SEMANTICS:  the language used to achieve a desired effect through the use of words with novel or dual meanings.

I don’t mind a good brain workout toward winning a game, mastering a piano piece, or even taking on the extra mindfulness of handling a delicate conversation.  Thinking is sexy.  To me something complex or intricate is interesting, intriguing and somewhat thrilling.  I experience complex as I would a rollercoaster.

You ought to know that I ADORE rollercoasters… a masterful engineering of steel and hydraulics that uses physics for a calculated thrill equation. Complex is a good ride… sometimes fast with quick corners and sometimes climbing, building anticipation. Complex can be enjoyed on a sunny day and a serious aficionado will ride out on a rainy day.  Its an adjective that has charm and intrigue.

COMPLEX: (biochemistry) an entity composed of molecules in which the constituents maintain much of their chemical identity

Complex creates an emotion in me that is of awe and curiosity.  Complex has fascinating slants and places of lights and shadows; mystery and truth.  Edgey and complexy sexy….

Complex meet Complicated….

Complicated is NOT sexy or edgey at all.  It hisses at Complex and tries to take a snip. Yet it’s not a kitten playing your strings getting a cute claw stuck on you.

Lacking the charm and fascinating lure of Complexity, Complicated gains attentions by complaints and emotional hijackings that create a thrill of a different and darker sort. Not exactly Darth Vadar dark… but definitely dark and not a shade that I choose to rock out.

COMPLICATED:  difficult to analyze, understand, explain

I bring these two words up because so many people choose “complicated.” Why say that?  Why broadcast difficulty?   Perhaps some people as a lifestyle choose complicated?

A lifestyle rife with stress and chaos..difficulty and reaction… sounds like a bad addiction.

I tend to choose complex…like good wine… it’s full-bodied and has a nice finish.

Would you prefer a COMPLICATED glass of vino?

I decided to un-choose “complicated” people recently.  Their ride guarantees frustration, disappointment and unsettling predictability.   The seat belts don’t work and there is no intention of a delightful experience.   I like to travel at the speed of joy and not at the speed of fear or the speed of misery.

Complicated people also seem to have an unearned sense of entitlement over other people’s time and patience as well as a lack of graciousness, autonomy and initiative to create balance.  There is, rather, a lack of purpose and vision. Mind you, I love spontaneity and mixing life a bit.  But allowing the wind to blow you whereever or allowing others to direct decisions isn’t my idea of a free and creative life.

One such complicated person that got too comfortable in jnetsworld had a knack for spewing their miseries on me.  Before I considered sealing up the borders, I called out my boundaries.   I collected apologies over several months and aired my frustrations.  As a friend I felt helpless because nothing I said or did seemed helpful.

I found myself feeling ill – interrupted several times during a clockwork of her desperation in needing an audience.  She could not happily direct her own life.  And she was always happy when I sacrificed my limited free time to listen… and basically be assaulted with the bile of her hating her life.

I allowed her to be herself, “complicated” but I started to feel less myself after feeling flattened from a session of drama.  It was difficult to finally close up the borders to jnetsworld… but I couldn’t  continue allowing her to have access to my energy and time.

In the end, I find that a life liberally labeled as complicated is code for “don’t question my life – let me dump it on you- give me what I want from you or you will be like the others who’ve ruined my life.”

GEEZ… I told you Complicated was difficult.

Not to expect Life to be a ride on the teacups…. I just like it challenging enough to make me think and be creative… look forward to intricacies and enjoy fast corners.

Which would you choose?  I have a gorgeous Bach piece that you may enjoy getting your hands on.  One is complex.  The other is complicated.

How do you color your world with your words?



~ by jnetsworld on September 11, 2010.


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