25 random things about JNET

Consider doing this… its a good introspective exercise.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I don’t know how to change a diaper. I think I’ve fed a baby once (my niece).

2. I’ve slept with a night light or with a lamp on for most of my life. Now, I just light tea lights and sleep with a sleep mask.

3. I love being a piano teacher and yes, just about all of my students practice. It makes me terribly disappointed and frustrated when they don’t practice – but they think its cute how I get upset. I don’t feel cute when I am upset. Being patient is an art form. Some days I don’t feel so artistically “patient”.

4. When I get very upset or stressed or sick, I faint. I try not to get to that point. It’s embarrassing.

5. JNET food corner:  Doughnuts and beer. (try it – you’ll be surprised)… Ice cream and french fries (OMG) Many of my close friends can attest to this. I’ve taken Krispy Kreme to a pub and I’ve taken fries to an ice cream parlor.  OOOHHH… and rice gives me the hiccups…

6. I don’t have a single childhood friend because I’ve moved so much. (Military brat) CVHS was the first place I spent more than 2 years without major interruption.  All the friends I had during childhood were family and navy” family”.    We knew and lived that love had nothing to do with convenience and circumstance having loved ones away most of our lives.  Love is a powerful choice that doesn’t sway with emotions and surpasses circumstance and distance

….  at least that’s what I came away with from childhood.

7. I am extremely protective of my family and friends and enjoy the world I build with them. Love and loyalty connects us. Anyone who is questionable in character finds themselves at the end of the long table.

8. I collect people who are honest and generous and have skills in diplomacy that I think collectively we can save the world with our individual projects and respective lives.

9. My father passed away when I was little and my mother has always been an extremely independent and strong woman. I still have trouble wondering what to do with a man as a permanent fixture in my home. Fortunately, this hasn’t prevented great men from blessing my life and becoming permanent fixtures despite myself.

10. I adore the two most important men in my life; my brothers who are admirable examples of loving, hard-working, honest gentlemen. They’ve set the bar high. Another reason why I am picky. The male friends I keep in my circle are wonderful though. You’re extra special if you’ve met my brothers.

11. My dad put boxing gloves on me when I was 5. I own a pair of pink ones today as a tribute to him.

12. I don’t own a television and I’ve never owned one since I left home. I hated competing against it when practicing the piano while growing up. I’ve had countless people offer to give me televisions. They only reason I would consider having one now is so that I can play Rock Band.

13. Even though I’ve been dancing since I was 5, performed in show choirs and dance with KNL, pirouettes make me ill. I used to be able to do floorwork with pleasure but somewhere between high school and now, I developed an upset of motion and heights. I am working on this. I can do double turns in salsa though… as long as my partner doesn’t let go 🙂

14. My upset over motion and heights got so bad that I got ill on swivel chairs and climbing spiral stairs. While in England I noticed the grannies overtaking me up the cathedral stairs and I was hyper-ventilating, I decided the best way to snap myself out of my fear was to go skydiving. I haven’t been afraid of heights since. Still need to work on the pirouettes.

15. For someone that gets dizzy in a swivel chair, I don’t mind driving a car at 120mph.

16. I drive a VW bug because I feel like a speed demon at 60mph. Its also fun. A white, pretty 78′ convertible (that’s worth a double slug bug punch). My favorite teacher from 4th grade, Ms Cameron, incidentally also drove a white VW.

17. I am not a strong swimmer. But give me a life jacket or raft, I’ll go.

18. I love being alone. My best memories are of moments in solitude. I am never lonely and therefore never felt anything amiss while enjoying my own company. But I always welcome hellos from friends and family.

19. This is the first year that I am considering building a relationship seriously and breaking my ascetic sensibility. I think driving a car at 120mph is easier.

20. I have always chosen to live in places that is west facing, sunny and with a view of trees or a large garden estate.  The last place I lived was facing the Fens Rose Garden and the Boston Museum of art.  I had a gorgeous magnolia tree outside my window and a bag piper played at sunset during the summer.  If you think where I live is incredible… wait til you see where I live next.  I don’t know where that will be… but I know it will be beautiful.

21. I blogged for a couple of years before letting anyone know that I write. Writing makes me feel sane where music notes are not enough.

22. I know how to aim well with a rifle or shotgun. I took a training with LAPD instructors. They told me if I continued practicing, I’d make a good sniper.

23. Pajamas. My favorite apparel. I’ve rocked them out in public on a dare.. jewelry and high heels. I’ll probably be wearing them when my friends come by with their final respects (at my funeral).

24. I love sequence.  I mean… I REALLY love sequence.  If we haven’t played together yet nor made a meal together, then we are not close close friends yet.    Don’t worry if we haven’t played a boardgame and shared a meal though.  It takes time to build a friendship.

No rush.    🙂

We should play a round of sequence soon though… !

25. Lastly… I love animals but I am allergic to them 😦 I want to have a pair of kittens someday… maybe a puppy and bunny too.I already have names chosen for them.



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  1. Not to mention a fun, passionate, great kisser 😉

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