TSW: day 27 fighting fire w water

My boyfriend bought me a set of glasses where the hearts turn red when the drink is cold. It makes drinking water fun.

Today is not a good day.  I had a terrible time trying to fall asleep last night.  I feel flat.   I wish I could be upbeat.  It’s my roommate’s bday, the weather is perfect and I have no students scheduled for today.  But I don’t feel zippy.  I feel zappy experiencing a weird sharp zappy pain shooting across my face.  My face is feeling dry and inflamed, my lips are swollen like I’ve eaten something I’m allergic to and I’m tired.

I’d stay in bed but I’m forcing myself to keep drinking water.  I go between sitting at my piano bench to the couch in the living room.  I’m within 10 paces of my kitchen for a water refill and another 10 to run to the bathroom.

Yesterday was a better day.  What did I do right?   What did I do to affect this change?  Did I drink too much water?  Drinking water seems to help me with lessening the swelling and redness.  I still manage to feel thirsty even after 8 pints though and my skin is still dry. Tomorrow I will journal everything I eat and drink.

My face hurts today.  It’s red and affected below my cheeks and along my jawline.  It’s stinging with an electric zappy sort of pain.  I think the nerves in my face are freaking out. It’s a tiny bit swollen and feels warm to the touch.  I don’t want to put ice on my face nor any sort of emollient.  I’m afraid it will just add to the pain.

Any good news?  My neck doesn’t feel like elephant skin.  It feels soft and smooth.  It feels 90% normal.  I can lie down comfortably.  I’m also still breathing free and easy.  No sign of asthma.

Despite my bit of misery, I believe I’m getting better.   My friends, family, and my students and their families are so sweet.  I guess the kids know that the ice packs means I’m taking care of a boo boo.  A parent told me to feel free to ask for anything to feel better.  She noticed that I come prepared with ice packs and ibuprofen.

I scheduled a Bax 3000 appointment with my chiropractor for tomorrow.  I’m hoping to feel much clearer before the weekend.



~ by jnetsworld on July 2, 2015.


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