TSW:  day 23 how I feel depends on the hour ….. literally 

N:  “Jnet, your skin looks good this week.  Complexion looks clearer and even.”

J:  (nodding in agreement). “Your face looks better than the last time I saw you.”

Jnet: “J, you saw me yesterday.”

J:  “Was that yesterday?”

This conversation was from Thursday evening, AFTER my Wednesday Bax 3000 treatment with my chiropractor.  It’s Friday and I’m en route to San Diego for a wedding.  I’m drinking at least a dozen pints of water in hopes that I can drown out the baddies and wake up with better skin.

My skin is happier but not thrilled.  I’m holding a cold compress or ice pack to my face while my boyfriend drives.

R:  “I’m glad you’re drinking a lot of water.  I need to drink more myself.”

He always finds something nice to say.

Today I am not red and swollen.  But my face still feels dry, dry, dry.   It’s a long drive and I can only hope that my skin will behave so that I can enjoy my friends wedding.



~ by jnetsworld on June 26, 2015.


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