ss: in training two year olds

Hello sweet world. The fireflies are treading and toddling along. We’re TWO years old, FOUR months and TWO days old TODAY.  And I’m keenly aware that I miss writing so…. HERE I AM.

We stumbled through a brief dark spell of uncertainty during the winter, then tumbled into a crazy spring period of rehearsals and auditions; little sleep and LOTS of activity followed by…..injury.

I introduced my firefly to my chiropractor and he introduced me to his acupuncturist. Yay to our extended world of awesome people. I can now walk on high heels without looking like a pained zombie and he can wear a shirt without feeling annoyed that either he or the shirt is on crooked. Who knew that playing pin cushion and cracking bones would be so remarkable?

What does the firefly world look like today?

I’m falling asleep a lot earlier so to join my firefly at the gym at 6am to workout. (No late night writing routine.)  I WAS doing weight training before I got injured. I have since been on a modified regime as I rehabilitate myself. As for him, he’s counting calories and weighing his food like mad. Even a Porto’s pastry cannot sway him. He waits until cheat day.

He’s got a new job. I’ve been working on a friend’s short films and book trailers. And we’ve both taken a break from dancing and it feels kind of nice to spend a lot more time able to relax and visit my family and see friends. Or simply stay in and watch a movie or game.

We watched ALL of “Breaking Bad” (stressful for me – watching dysfunctional people is not relaxing) and am now working our way watching Marvel films in proper succession (much more fun and inspiring) and for laughs and giggles watching MLP.

Our first year was a lot of OOOOHH AAAAH discovery…. and in our second year we’re in a new space that’s a lot more goofy and cheesy with some moments where we feel like real grown ups. We don’t know what we’re doing but we’re happy. It’s been a time of moving on from uninspiring jobs and people, paring down activities and things to create new habits.

And find new strength. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Latest sweet memory..

We arrived visiting a newly renovated church at the wrong time and caught the tail end of service. Instead of leaving to arrive at our other church late, he said.

“Let’s stay here after everyone leaves to pray for a bit.”

Yup. He’s the nicest calorie counting, food weighing, sports fan man I know. Even though he’s going through a phase of trying to gross me out a lot.  Details to NOT follow.



~ by jnetsworld on May 30, 2014.


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