ss: coach firefly

R opened a brand new world of sports to me. I never paid attention before, not knowing when playoffs were going on let alone knowing when Superbowl weekend was.

Sitting down to sports was my punishment when I was little; a several hours of timeout time whenever I did something naughty.

I grew up keeping a busy distance from all things sports that it is ironic that I am dating someone that is very very fond of sports. R’s fondness for sports had me unsure during the beginning of our relationship. Watching sports was punishment to me, not a happy bonding time. I had a head full of “what ifs” that my girlfriends helped me de-clutter so I may have perspective.

Football season was in the horizon as well as plans to take a break from dance classes.

JNET: ”What if sports is more important than me? What if his fondness for sports trumps taking part in family events? Will he ignore conversations and get swallowed up in innings and quarters? I remember spending hours with my dad to watch a game but I can’t remember ever talking.”

N: ”JNET, there are other vices. R is good to you. I wouldn’t worry.”

Still I had other what-if’s…

What if sports becomes this terrible reason to not relate to each other and he wishes he had a girlfriend that wouldn’t get the teams’ names confused and who knows how to throw the perfect Superbowl party? What if sports opens up a monster in him and the sweet man I know turns into an angry, violent man that screams at the television or at me?

These are the thoughts that weighed upon my mind last year. And yes, I realize that I make up funny stuff to lose sleep over.

We made it through football season, I’m following the basketball playoffs and I even know that baseball season is still at its beginning. I’ve even earned coolness status points with my piano students that take part and have a love for sports. Random trivia for you – Did you know that Kobe Bryant knows how to play Beethoven and that Jeremy Lin practices the piano regularly?????

R made sports time fun even if it was just a party of us two. Our abs exercise regime went on off-season though. OMG….CARBS!!! We celebrated with pizza and fried chicken and relaxed. We took a break from dance practices but we attended church each week. We never missed a day at church due to a game. Sometimes we cuddled in the couch, sometimes I disappeared to do my own thing and sometimes i played the piano while he watched (setting the television volume very low). And always, he would pat the couch and invite me to return.

I didn’t turn into SPORTS WIDOW!

We attended a few games this past year, enjoying a couple of Dodger Stadium dates and my first ever basketball game. To get me ready for our sports dates, Roland would surprise me with a cute tee to wear for the special night out. The fun memories make for a good list: learning about different leagues; American versus National, learning the rules of the games, packing picnics, cute tees, a pullover and hello kitty night at Dodger Stadium.

We’ve also been enjoying movies and documentaries on sports figures. So many inspiring lives; athletes that press themselves past great odds, coaches that inspire greatness.

Coach Firefly taught me a lot this year and made it fun. I never felt ignored or forgotten. He did yell at the television a couple of times though. But I never for a moment felt less than loved.



~ by jnetsworld on May 8, 2013.


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