I need to love my self as much as I love my computer.

Should my computer have a hiccup or crash of some sort, it gets taken care of immediately.  IMMEDIATELY.  New battery?  New cord?  Some love from a tech geek to wake it up?

I will run the anti-virus, clean the disk, and defrag to counter the teeny-est and tiny-est sniffle… dedicating time I wouldn’t spare so easily elsewhere, determined and hopeful for happy results, searching through clouds and files saved on external hard drives.

I even feel a little annoyed that a case may need a stylish update.


The case works really well and keeps my treasured possession safe.

I know I’m not the only one loving their modern communication tools.   Pushing that RESET button when all else fails and  feeling thrilled when it merely wakes up.  Resolving that notifications or not, the light is ON and everything from there is FIXABLE.

With the new year I’m considering my self as iJNET and invite you to meditate on getting all geeky lovey dovey over yourself.  Defrag, clean out corrupted files, and update your apps.

If we are soooo forgiving to these objects that crash on us, lose valuables, and give us all sorts of interesting emotions, then we can also forgive ourselves as we live life with its crashes, losses and  roller coaster rides of emotions.

Something to consider….



~ by jnetsworld on February 7, 2013.


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