ss: the fireflies at one year

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Baby steps.

We turned one year today and have a trail of fun memories.

Its quite something how a simple hello opens new worlds, expands, creates and even brings in challenges. We met last year and haven’t spent a single weekend without one another since.

We grew; together and independently.

He is known as Vaga, translation, firefly… His sparks and illuminations have surprised me, bringing light to areas I thought were dark. I didn’t know anyone can be so kind and patient, that I noticed hurt parts of me. You know, those phantoms that are usually faithful to sabotage but need the fuel of rashness. A patient lead has evolved a different calm to my life.

We’ve shared memories on stages, on planes, in cars, and boats. We have a world where there are different meanings to red lights and green lights. Yet we hold on to certain truths… like “COKE is it,” and that every day is a blessing.

We’ve had silly moments, ecstatic moments and our share of frustrations and tears. I’ve enjoyed many sweet moments together and I’ve wrestled with my deepest fears and insecurites in my solitude. Yet, there is a quiet mindfulness in being in a relationship and caring.

Still, we are babies. A mere year. A time where most infants are not yet crawling, let alone at command over their thoughts and words. We have a lot to yet learn.

For now, lets just say we are just strong enough to sit up and smile. And that I hope we never outgrow laughing over bunnies and puppies. And that hugs and kisses begin and end with each day we spend together.



~ by jnetsworld on January 28, 2013.


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