noteworth: family duets

S finally played a duet with his mom without making a race of it.

His mom was feeling under the weather over the Christmas holiday but managed some time at the piano to accompany S as he played “Frosty The Snowman.”  S dances when he plays the piano when especially excited.  I’ve never seen him as animated.  His younger sister is more anxious to be able to play now.  Snookums their piano cat attends piano lesson time too.  I’m glad I got it on video.

Its moments like this that makes me love being a piano teacher.

I’ve helped prepare students for elaborate parties and have felt so proud to see them perform with poise and graciousness.  But seeing daily family life and how the piano plays into it without the fanfare of lights and cameras..that… that is what really moves me.

Its a new year… I’m written many different things onto this blog.  I went through a poetry phase, writing on dating and friendship, conflicts and resolutions, entries on dance, toastmasters, and Bible study.

This year I begin a new section… noteworth; writing anecdotes on what moves me as a piano teacher.

I love my students.  I think you will love them too.



~ by jnetsworld on January 3, 2013.


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