rugged angel: the musings of a suicidal pacifist…


Naming my latest blog was less than inspiring for R.

R: “I’m concerned. Are you….the suicidal pacifist?”

JNE T: “I want to write from the darker side of the negativity slayer. Something different and edgy.”

R: “I get that it’s edgy but can you think of another title please?”

JNET: “The suicidal pacifist is a tagline in small print. Very very small small print.”

R: (sigh)

It is different to write about life from the bright side of the garden rather than the dark side. Perhaps most people want to read of sunshine and receive brief yet uplifting affirmations that can be easily cut and pasted onto status updates.

My life has it’s rainbows but how to share the storm and yet keep everyone under an umbrella is the challenge.

Here is where I’d like to write how life dealt adventures that made me wonder how is it that i am yet standing.  Here I write of however intentionally I may lead a quiet life, noise had a way of finding a space.

This is the stormy side of my world but I carry I big umbrella.  Stand close.



~ by jnetsworld on August 5, 2012.


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