ss: howdy

Every time he says “howdy” it makes me smile.

He’s the most exotic adorable country boy ive ever met.

Who’s the cute guy with the green bow tie? Mr. Y’all caught my attention with his quiet yet silly side. I noticed him at the dance group’s Christmas party. Made note that he was someone that was having fun with his signature and put the thought away on the shelf. It’s nice to notice a soul having fun in the universe.

Our friendship came with the new year, the Chinese new year. How perfect that firefly’s howdy came with the dragon. I adore dragons…their energy wards away negativity and ushers in new life.

We’re new, just over six weeks old. I’ve never spent as much time with anyone ever before but when I am not near him it’s nice to feel that I miss him…

We finally perform this weekend and I’m looking forward to introducing him to my family; mom, brother and nieces plus more friends. Whew I’m giddy. It’s a big weekend, family, friends, our first performance together (and at the Getty – one of my favorite places in all of LA)

Heres to a lot of fun and smiles and happy howdies.



~ by jnetsworld on March 15, 2012.


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