ss: he who lights a path

kate pulley photography

I have practiced how to live as an ascetic-happy-hermit.   Sublimely embracing the solitude life. Being sociable was making sure I was enrolled in a class. Being well-spoken and able to host and entertain, a valuable skill like writing or sewing.  Handy dandy.

Sewing on a button is easier….  I do not know what to do with a boyfriend.  So far I’ve fascinated my firefly for nearly five weeks and he seems to light a path forward on this unfamiliar terrain of sharing time, conversations, and camping space.

I take screen shots when hes talking to me on Skype or when he’s fussing over his laundry and ironing. And i feel charmed while doing our something’s together as well as our nothing’s.

And just when I think this charmed together space is to disappear and get consumed by real life where work schedules lend space to grow distant – where insecurity gets airtime to tell me to bolt and run for it, firefly lights a spot. He says hello and makes a plan.

And a world where I once guarded my yes’s grows.

Growing by firefly light.



~ by jnetsworld on March 6, 2012.


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