ss: playing for keeps

Happy leap year.

OMG I have a boyfriend!  Its been a fun month and I am celebrating that it feels like a wonder.  SSSHHHH…  Don’t tell anyone.   Only a handful of people are in the KNOW.  🙂

My girl friends are thrilled. To meet anyone worthy of mention in Los Angeles after two weeks is the equivalent of finding a pink unicorn. Meeting someone nice that you want to see again within the same week is RARE. Firefly and I have been getting a good dose of spending time together.

Despite my saying on date TWO that my running shoes were habitually laced up and ready to go, I have been kept enthralled. He’s now met a handful of my friends (thumbs up) still keeping things quiet with our friends from rehearsal (to enjoy our budding romance privately) and we’ve attended church together and have a blog together (this is getting hardcore). Wait til we hit blooming stage.

L: “Ahh I remember how the first few months are blissful…”

Jnet: “I’ve never met anyone where after a month we have plans for the next couple of seasons. All I can think is wow.”

The  consensus is that we’ve had an amazing first month. And Firefly plans to let our bliss be the standard not the prelude.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of ditching my running shoes. 🙂



~ by jnetsworld on March 1, 2012.


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