ss: lent

I’ve never shared lent with anyone but we’ve decided to go tandem in our commitments. It’s quite gung ho in the way of dating relationships, spending 40 days to grow in discipline and habits considering that weve known each other half as many days.

Ive given firefly permission to care sbout my sleeping schedule among other things, creating a better balance in work and play, writing consistently…etc.

We are not policing one another and we don’t relate to one another in a punitive manner though we transparently share the thoughts and impulses that come before and between us. Sharing lent has thus far been about sharing our human experience as spiritual beings.

So no fizzy, caffeine, sugary drinks and no store bought sweets. I’ve taken to baking and sharing the love. No swearing and no sexy pepsi will be easy. I don’t use street expletives and well….um…team happy hasn’t quite gotten its happys in that ooh la la way if you know what I mean :).

Affection and validation via conversation, hugging and kissing is the rule of this season and the world may be a better place if it wasn’t so underrated.

We’ve only begun and already had a discussion over the gray area of an animal cracker. I love love love our conversations.

It’s a 40 day conversation about discipline and habits; it’s a meditation over values and lifestyle.

I’m enjoying the conversations of this new journey shared. We’re encouraging one another toward better habits and health. We’re forgiving one another patiently while discussing the details. And after 40 days, I think sharing lent within the newness of us will shape us in a remarkable way. Amen to that ūüôā



~ by jnetsworld on February 24, 2012.


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