ss: a surprise of light

His nickname “Vagalume” means firefly. I like it. It suits him.

I thought life was brilliant enough and was engaged in my work and studies that I didn’t expect anyone to come in and actually catch my attention. I thought that dating was for the lonely or was a form of social recreation that promised more ruin than good but Vagalume came along and lit a path I hadn’t noticed.

JNET: “I have a friend in my other dance group that’s mentioned he may come by to check out our flamenco class.”

C: “Does he like you?”

JNET: “I don’t know. He’s a nice and friendly to everyone.”

Mr. Nice to Everyone visited my rehearsal the following weekend surprising me and setting a buzz of conversation among my girlfriends. Me, the content loner who happily returns to  daily solitude and pursues stretches of silence found my self curious and compelled.

We CELEBRATED two weeks of being caught up in the mystery this past weekend.  I look forward to rehearsal, planning time together after rehearsal, happy to spend the next bit of free time to go on an adventure or DO LAUNDRY.

Do laundry 🙂

I like this…. this surprise of light. Its lit a path I hadn’t noticed… I thought Life was full enough with music, dance, my friends and family. Looks like there’s enough dance room for fireflies to work out choreography.


~ by jnetsworld on February 14, 2012.


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