have you had a sandwich come at you at 50mph?

A story on perspective…. shared to me from a friend of mine who was enjoying a sunny day drive when all of a sudden someone decided to discard their sandwich out their car window.  To that person in the car, they had a sandwich they no longer cared for and perhaps figured that it was biodegradable enough for the environment to absorb, but for the motorcyclist driving behind, he barely had a moment to brace himself from a flying hoagy making impact within seconds.

Some people are careless… and some people are downright CARE-LESS.

The friend of mine is a motorcyclist.  He’s a serious biker who makes a living as a biker.  He’s on magazine covers.  He teaches kids to bike.  He also races cars.  He told me that a sandwich coming at you at 50+mph is nothing short of preparing for a torpedo hit.  He not only had to consider how to protect himself from someone’s carelessness but also hope to not injure anyone else.

Hello rugged angels, I’ve disappeared for a good amount of time.  I’ve not only missed writing; I’ve missed myself lately.

I have unfortunately been hit by a few sandwiches that I had not the time to brace myself for.  As for the insensitive drivers on my highway of life, their myopic perspective and carelessness earned that their jnetsworld licenses be revoked.

I’ve sat with myself and considered if it is critical of me to put out people that are “nice” but do not engender strengthening trust and security. 

When trust is put on a false pretense, its only a matter of time before a sandwich comes a-flying.

If I come from a family that has set a standard to be honorable and your word, if I have professional friendships and relationships that thrive on a code of ethics stemming from what I’ve been raised by…. why should I open a place for risk by continuing friendships that mark themselves as questionable?

QUESTIONABLE? What is that? What does that look, sound, feel like? I guess its that double take that you experience as dissonance. A false note that may come out brashly and out of impulse or played in the tentativeness of time.

We live in a world that values quantity over quality.  We live in a world that likes to see numbers go high but not equate value to the numbers.  That my dear rugged angels is not a good and clear vision of what is real in the world … and it only takes one sandwich traveling at 50mph and a careless person to put you in danger.

This is JNET, your negativity slayer, in recovery, on the mend… alive… saying hello again to the many rugged angels out there working on creating the best and most beautiful world possible not only for yourself but for the young people who learn from watching you and for those that keep you close to their heart, count on you and call you friend.



~ by jnetsworld on May 26, 2011.


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