dance: thanksliving on a teacup ride

I attended my dance company’s 20th anniversary performance and celebration last night – as an audience member.  I hadn’t done that since before I joined them several years ago.

I missed the stage but I appreciated loving KNL from the house; to be entralled with the audience and see what I’ve missed in being a performer.

What did I see as a performer?  A world of rehearsals; counting counting counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8, memorizing choreography before dancing to the sound of music – a world where understanding the director’s vision came in fragments and you were simply inspired by their spirit.  A world of discipline, where commiting time and body demanded saying nos and not yets to create the focus and energy to manage practice inside and outside of rehearsals.  Costumes, make-up, quick changes,  entrances, exits; being a part of an ensemble, riding the adrenaline rush, bright lights, applause.

That’s the fun part.

To perform taps into passion and trust; its transformational.  And it feels tremendous because of the worthy sacrifices you made.   Demanding an ego to not flinch when mistakes were made and remain gracious and focused on a vision despite frustrations in working to get things perfect.

What did I see as an audience member?  I was able to see the complete story and imagination that expanded beyond music and choreography.  I was able to enjoy a story unfold before my eyes weaving the art of light design and multi-media; showing me how beautiful and expansive was the vision that I sensed in spirit but never fully saw with my eyes how the dance pieces were tied together.  I was moved to tears and found that I was not the only one caught up.  There were so many people riding the waves of emotion of sight and sound with me.  A community was created.

As an audience member I saw the captivating big picture that created a world to relate and participate with and not just be a spectator.  As a performer I experienced the captivating spirit that transformed me to be beyond myself; I trusted the spirit of a vision.

Last night was beautiful.



~ by jnetsworld on November 22, 2010.


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