leaving politics to the politicians

I voted this past election and found that a good deal of people I asked hadn’t even registered to vote. Ever. Several blamed the onslaught of mudslinging adverts for cheesing them off voting and that somehow not voting kept their hands clean.

I was shocked for a little bit. How does one manage to live absolutely trusting that the minority of eligible voters, 41%, showing up to vote will represent a democratic society?

Are we absolutely trusting and confident over our policy makers that we don’t need to show up and be “redundant” with our vote? No.

It’s worst. And its not voter apathy. If one is truly apathetic about society and how policy affects it, then one would be indifferent and have no worries and concerns.

We’re learning to complain and not act. Acting helpless while complaining is becoming the new human tribe activity. Meanwhile we have congress representatives fighting on the platform for a mostly silent stay-on-the-couch-and-complain “constituency” who did not bother to vote.

Voting is now below 50%. With people complaining about uncertain futures it boggles me that they don’t care for “politics” and yesterday when I chose to share links on the TSA’s direction of security, I got grief for being “uptight” for sharing information.

I wasn’t coming from a place that was complaining. I thought it would be useful to know what with the holidays coming that you might be randomly selected for the “scanner” which is being discussed as questionable by scientists.  I have yet to talk to a radiologist friend about it.  But in general, I thought, most people know that x-rays are not good for you.   I’ve had x-rays taken before.  Usually the technician LEAVES the room before pushing the button.

They are not good for pregnant women, small children, people who are already fighting cancer and the elderly.

If you choose to opt-out of the scanner which makes Superman perverts out of the TSA security people because it dresses you down and takes an image, then you must subject yourself to a pat down where you will be touched about in search of hidden contraband.  You are subject to a 10K fine if you refuse to cooperate.

From the testimonies of those that I came across – it was not a good experience in the name of security.   People are being intimidated.  Do we want to dismiss the stories and just say it is an urban legend?  We are heading towards a society where people will be treated less as constituents and more like cattle.

People are chosen randomly and TSA is not necessarily taking out terrorist looking people from the line. If you are attractive and someone fancies to see you naked, you may be plucked from the line. Such was the case with several girls.

Currently the “naked” images of several passengers are swirling about the internet as people buzz about TSA and how certain officials are making BANK with the scanners.    Mind you, these folks have private planes and may not have to go through cancer causing, DNA mutagenic scanners to go on vacation or a business trip.  I also doubt that their children have to be pat-down and touched rigorously by a stranger.

For the price of safety, are you willing to give up being treated with respect?  Are you willing to accept that frisking grandma is part of getting on with vacation?  REALLY?  REALLY????

There has to be a better way to create a safe society without dehumanizing people.  There has to be a way to respectfully talk to someone and assess if they are dangerous to put on a plane without the scanner, pat-down, strip searches drama.  Are we trying really hard to not talk and relate?

Civilization has built beautiful great cities, inspired great art and shown that people can shine with creativity.  Are we tapped out?

So now I suppose to be part of the “normal majority” would be to subject ourselves to whatever we are told is for our own good and be dependent, unthinking breathing, compliant units that like to say are human…

Nevermind that you have a voice, a conscious mind and a sense that things are not quite right.  You have better things to do anyway than worry about policy makers and how their decisions affect your life.  This TSA buzz will be so yesterday after a few football games anyway.  Right?

Maybe you didn’t make your vote count.  You can still make your voice count, get a tiny bit enlightened about the state of affairs and tell a friend.

Have a great holiday season.  Treat people with respect and expect the same.  Maybe that could be a beginning  direction to take toward national security?



~ by jnetsworld on November 19, 2010.


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