dance: dancing to distill jnet

I can make myself disappear.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to make yourself disappear to a point where you can’t see your arms, your legs, your body as you do in daily life and see a new vision that you almost didn’t recognize yourself?

A creative vision that has been inspired and is inspiring… a vision that you didn’t know could be so beautiful.  You?  Beautiful?  Yes.  Beautiful in such a way that you forget your awkwardness and that self-critical voice that paralyzes you in private moments.

By dancing?

Why not?

I’m speaking specifically about social, community, and cultural dance.  Since I’m not a club girl, I cannot speak from that groovy perspective.

But I know what its like to learn cultural dances and what it is like when a certain song comes on to see your grandma and others younger and older show just how connected you are because of a dance and a song.

And I know what its like to learn different types of social dances and find that you can have a laugh with a Russian, an Italian, and a crowd that makes the UN look uptight simply by loving tango, waltz, or flamenco.

Through dance a world fills me and I find I am never a stranger even though I may walk through unfamiliar doors for the first time.  And I meet teachers and directors and choreographers that will look at people with so much possibility that there is no room for awkwardness to slow down the moment.

You can disappear too.  And see yourself made beautiful by the vision of an art, discipline, and practice.

You won’t recognize yourself.  You will love it.



~ by jnetsworld on November 13, 2010.


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