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I  joined 400+ mindshare rocksharians at Exchange LA, the club-ified former Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building last night.

It was my first time.  After several months of having scheduling conflicts, I was able to attend this once a month event that shatters the typical stereotype of LA cool and bumps it up a quantum notch.  Very hip, eclectic and mindstretching as you mindshare over cocktails and sweet goodies.

If you are wondering if you ought to go, I say yes yes yes.  You will be happy. You’ll leave knowing that the world is a better place than you thought.

Register.  I didn’t and paid at the door which is absolutely fine but believe me, it will make your hellos even easier.

B:  “Gee, isn’t the event a bit pricey?” a friend asked me last night wanting to know the skinny on Mindshare LA.

JNET:  “Not at all.  It’s a great party smart scene.  I thought I would have to move back east to party like last night.”

The party gathered into the exchange hall and everyone took a seat (cocktail or beer in hand) to listen to several speakers mindshare their ongoing projects.  Imagine going to a very very cool lecture hall with a happy buzz.

The “geek” scene included a neuroeconomist who gave a talk on the bonding cuddle chemical, oxytocin, that grabbed everyone’s fascination.  It’s power over how we socialize and how it is manipulated by con people sparked up lively conversation.  The questions would’ve kept flowing but he had to share the stage with other speakers.

Several filmmakers also shared the stage.  If you are into independent films and film festivals like myself then you will enjoy hearing what’s UP with these folks.

Mindshare… cocktails, conversation, filmmakers, scientists, comic book artist… what else can an Angeleno be hungry for?  Social consciousness and ideas that are changing society….  A woman shared her program of sharing and renting your things out.  I had no idea that people had SO MUCH STUFF and that the storage industry is making bank.  If you’ve heard of zipcar and couchsurfing, you’ll like knowing of what she’s doing in Los Angeles with NeighborhoodGoods.Net.

After the talks, the dance floor was cleared of its chairs and the party carried on.   I went downstairs to check out the art installations and had fun playing some interactive games.  I made some new acquaintances, several who were regulars and many new like myself.  Later I went upstairs again and made more hellos.  I was able to introduce myself to the neuroeconomist and ask him a couple of questions on oxytocin and get a hug to raise my levels.

I’ll be returning.  Fascinated to hear further talks from the smart, sexy and successful of Los Angeles who have a social sensibility to create a fun event that is “enlightened debauchery.”

Nice to find a beautiful people scene that is refreshing and absolutely hip.  Go on, expand your horizons and get on with your sexy geek self and get yourself to Mindshare LA.



~ by jnetsworld on August 20, 2010.

One Response to “mindshare la”

  1. I love that you did this…so my speed. I wish they had in this in Phoenix….what a great concept. So happy for you J. xoxo


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