toastmaster convention 2010 @ palm desert

Just kidding…. There were no toasters, no bread and no toasting.  But it definitely was roasting HOT out in the desert. It was 111 degrees this past Friday when BT and I set off on a two hour trek to Palm Springs to fit in a game of golf before attending the world championship of public speakers.

There’s a competition for speaking?  Yes.  But it is not only speaking.  It’s also writing the speech, memorizing it, delivering it and moving your audience to tears and laughter through a rigorous rising above 35,000+ fellow competitors til you are one of the 10 finalists.

I have just attended my first TM Convention.  Wow… cubed.

Imagine…. taking the stage on this final competition with a message that you hope wins you the number one spot.  It is a huge stage… bright lights.  And it is just you…   JUST YOU… and you and you on two big projection screens on either side… and a panel of judges…. and a two thousand plus people listening to you.

All I can think of now is…  How do I get myself there?  And speak so powerfully as the winner, David Henderson did, making the audience laugh and finally break down to tears by the end.

For now I’m inspired as my brain whirs about in a flurry of thought.  I’ll be competing within my own club this week.  Happy and fired up after a searing weekend out in the desert.



~ by jnetsworld on August 15, 2010.


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