i’m okay, you’re okay….. in small doses

I read a joke on the internet the other day.

QUESTION:  How many introverts does it take to have a meeting?

ANSWER:  It only takes two but they both will need computers and an internet connection.

Cute.  The gag somewhat eludes me.  I want to chuckle but I’m at the edge of understanding the joke.  And I don’t want to bust a brain cell trying to figure out why this is so hilarious.  I think an extravert wrote the joke.

I tried to find a joke about extraverts and came up empty.   Darn.  Guess I’ll have to make one up to put some balance in the mix.

QUESTION:  How many extraverts does it take to have a meeting?

ANSWER:  What meeting?  We never stayed on topic.  We’re going to have to reorganize and maybe structure a workshop to make it through the agenda.

Huh?…. says the extravert….

Don’t tell me you’ve never witnessed an extravert doing what they do best.

“Wow… Does she ever come up for air?….  What an exhausting person.”

Extraverts would like to think that introverts are anti-social, shy or are socially challenged.  I’ve met a few that would congratulate themselves for crashing jnetsworld and saving me from a life that would be un-interesting without them.  They are the ones that ask me when I am going to write about them.

Ummm.  This is jnetsworld.  I’ll have to get back to you later on that one.

And those are the “confident” ones.  Mind you the definition of an extravert is someone who derives their energy from others.  There are those “gregarious” “people-person” types who have a more than healthy appetite for attention and then there are the voracious ones that are not as happy-go-lucky and need to be placated lest they display a show of fireworks and drama to insure their stage time.

Gotta love those crazy brazen folks though….always ready with an arsenal of jokes, skills to thrill and a pocket speech that they repeat ad nauseum.  They are in their element in making sure no one leaves without knowing their name.

Extraverts… can be lovely… and less than lovely.

I once had a roommate who talked so much that my thoughts started to take on her voice.  I had to ask her to leave.  She could never be quiet.  And I couldn’t get anything done.

Introverts get their energy from having time to be quiet with themselves.   I love people AND I need space to get my energy and focus up so that I can perform well in the social setting.  I can happily work a 15 hour photo shoot and be amicable and meet with my students and create a fun and engaging piano lesson the next day…  as long as I’m given my quiet time to recharge.

I think its fun if I don’t speak to a single soul for a couple of days.  Am I shy?  No.  Am I friendless and have nowhere to go?  No.  Would I welcome a random hello, a spontaneous plan?  Absolutely… and only from certain people.  Would I be hurt if a friend did not see me in a couple of weeks or even years?  Not at all.  I figure they have been up to something and will catch up with me eventually.  All is right with the world. I don’t depend on others for my happiness… and I prefer to steer clear of those who are demanding in order to be happy.

I think its quite centering to be introverted.  I’m okay.  You’re okay….. in small doses.  I will see you…. when I see you.  You go on and enjoy doing your thing…  Going to disappear now.

I get my energy during my quiet time.

Where do you get yours?



~ by jnetsworld on August 12, 2010.


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