no bitter ink

I’ve been surfing the random blog button.

What can I say?  I don’t have cable.  I don’t even own a television.  I suppose I can catch the reruns somewhere in the internet.  But I like my life and I don’t mind reading it again.

Good thing I haven’t written anything I regret.  I don’t like collecting bad memories.  If there is a dry writing spell in jnetsworld, it is on account of my taking stock of what is going on.  I figure if I just keep quiet and not get reactive, sad or mean-spirited, Life will lend a creative way to frame it.

It’s an effort to sit in that silence to generate something like hope and forgiveness… especially when there is a barrage of negative energy.

XYZ:  “I just got a text.  Ahhh man, it’s bad.”

JNET:  “Lemme see…. wow.  Yeah, that’s pretty crazy.  Wait a minute.  You’re not answering that text… are you?”

XYZ:  “Why not?”

JNET:  “Because it’s bait… it’s words coming from a hurt and angry place.  Don’t feed it.  If you write something, you have to write something good to diffuse it.  It has to be worth remembering a hundred times.”

XYZ:  “Why?  What do you mean?”

JNET:  “Because that person cares about you and you really care about them despite this moment.  If they are having a weak moment, don’t throw it back at them.  End it now, for both of you.  Write nothing or write something good.  That person will hold on to every word you write.   That’s life.  That’s love.”

As I surf that random blog button, I am reminded that it is a good thing that I didn’t journal with bitter ink.  Maybe how I write is a way that I love my self and my life.

How’s your ink?



~ by jnetsworld on August 10, 2010.


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