distilling jnet


DISTILL: 1. to subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation…. 2. to extract the volatile components of by distillation; transform by distillation.

I write… to make myself disappear. I play the piano to vaporise myself. I dance to disappear… I do many things to distill myself.

To put my mind on things that take away the weight of self-consciousness. To take myself to a place where the weight of second-guessing and judgement is put aside and I am unhindered by noise within myself and from my immediate surroundings.

It’s a daily meditation to play a piece or recite a poem, creating it, playing it for the hundredth time and giving it a renewed voice and soul.

To make life sound out like a favorite poem. And the only thing that matters is that that word, that note, that sequence of sound was an expression from a place of being true and feeling free.

To distill myself by pressing to make life as beautiful and honest as I possibly can, picking myself up whenever I trip over a measure of time. I resolve to create art instead of indulging disappointment. The next moment a note has a chance to redeem its self.

How would your life sound if you played it out loud?



~ by jnetsworld on August 6, 2010.


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