ss: practicing duets

Just when I think the universe is saying the music is over, Pistachio shows up with a new piece of music.

It’s terrible.

And wonderful.  It’s interesting repetoire and it’s not easy to play. Certain passages play out naturally while some passages need a little bit more patience.

Its like taking up a new instrument.  Sometimes I get a decent sound and sometimes I do not and feel inspired to rush home and be alone in silence.

It is so much easier working on being a soloist.

Duets require so much patience, listening, and sensitivity.   We are amazing during some passages….. yet some sequences are not as graceful.  At best, I am an enthusiastic klutz when I’m in a good mood during my unsure moments.  In my not so good moods… hmm.  I can only hope that Pistachio likes playing, has fun and is forgiving despite the occasional fumbled note.

Staring at the notes for now, happy in the silence to get centered.  And feeling a tad bit ill with anticipation over practicing duets.

Wondering how Pistachio’s music will drift onto the air after I think that silence is mine to claim.



~ by jnetsworld on July 28, 2010.


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