your heart versus your mind

Its the fight of the century.. its all you.. and everyone else is fighting the same battle.

Thing is… its a myth… something to dream up to make life a certain flavor. It brings in prepackaged confusion, frustration and indecision. It romanticizes betrayals and reckless actions and nonactions. Pitting your heart and mind against the other makes you too tired to notice that it digs holes that will only bury you.

Why not consider that your heart would be lost and purposeless without the paths the mind illuminates? Why not consider that your mind would be lost without a heart that intuitively knows so many truths in a glance, can feel itself out from the darkness, know answers in a flash having logged your countless experiences of joy and sadness to know when to throw winning passes under the pressure of the moment.

Maybe then you would be in awe of your humanity… to be able to think and to feel… and to intend… between deliberate thought and the spontaneous feeling of the moment for ready answers… if you considered your brilliant design of wise heart and wise mind.



~ by jnetsworld on June 23, 2010.


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