playing the hokey pokey

I had put my right foot in … I had put my right foot out…

I shook it all about, turned my self around and returned back to jnetsworld.

Jnetsworld meaning that place where JNET feels most connected to her self and in a place of gratitude even when things are not quite where she’d like it.. where writing happens because she’s enjoying some reflective bliss and life feels like a wonderland.

I’ve returned a bit scuffed up but able to walk it out after a two year wandering about la la land.  Saying hello to lot of new people, I found a couple of significant new friends that have become special to my world, picked up a few new skills (like becoming a decent salsa dancer and growing my passion in photography) and grew more graceful and creative.

I stuck my right foot in checking out different things and took my foot back in..  It was good fun.  Checking out different worlds shakes things about.  I was bumped up against walls as much as I was danced.   And I left that round of hokey pokey.

I’ve left with life lessons that has turned me about and now I’ve happily returned to a happy homeostasis where life in not an unmentionable blur of activity.

I like how I feel.  I enjoy the rhythm of hellos that are coming to me.  I’m dancing to a song that makes sense to me… and life feels nice.

And writing is a way to say thank you.


“How can there be any questioning

of acquiring or possessing,

when the one thing needful for a man

is to become –

to be at last

and to die in the fullness of his being.”

Antoine de Saint – Exupery


~ by jnetsworld on June 17, 2010.


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