my fears make me bold

Once upon a time….

I found this post secret photo and it was something I related to.  I knew what it was to be so terrified that I lost my voice for an opinion.   And my brother saved me.

W:  “Where the F$%@ is my sister?  Talk to me!”

That was enough to embolden me to wake up and change the path I was on.

I am no longer silent unless I choose it to empower myself and I have no fears about expressing myself.  I write and say what is on my heart and I am mindful of what my actions and words create.

Discovering fears have made my life interesting.

I once had a growing fear of heights  – climbing stairs started making me feel dizzy.  So when this girl (ME) who once was in awe at the top of the Empire State Building found herself in not such a good state watching the grannies pass her up on the stairway to the top of a cathedral in England, it was time to do something.

I decided to go sky-diving.

I am no longer afraid of heights and have returned to enjoying roller coasters, swings, and walking stairs.  I think traveling at 80mph on a ride at Six Flags is to travel at the speed of joy; the speed of angels zipping about.

I am not a strong swimmer.  I am the girl who needs to stay in the shallow end and will only travel through the deep spots on a raft or a noodle.  But not being a strong swimmer didn’t stop me from snorkling in Jamaica (I had a life jacket) or taking underwater pictures from a shark cage while on vacation in Hawaii.

My fears make me bold.

What do yours do for you?



~ by jnetsworld on June 11, 2010.


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