because …. how you were listening

JNET:  “Hey, thanks for playing tonight.  I really enjoyed the show.”

XYZ:  “Thanks for coming.  You’re a musician, right?  I can tell by how you were listening.”

It’s a nice compliment to be recognized even when you were not saying a word.

I was with them as they took certain passages, improvised, interpreted…. and got their humor and conversations.  I was the person that laughed out loud and clapped my hands when they took a certain lick.

Its one of those… feel the love , hello… i get you moments.  You know what I’m saying?

If you want to let someone know that you think they are cool… just listen to them and be there with them.  You don’t need to interject and interrupt to share your opinion of them.  You don’t need to be on the stage to smile and laugh with them.  Just be a good listener.

Show someone that you get them….



~ by jnetsworld on June 7, 2010.


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