jnetsworld turned 4 and then 5

I’ve just included reviews that I appreciated but never got the chance to send thanks to the stumblers who wrote them.

Writing began on a whim several years ago.  Now after drifting away for a couple of years and being a pseudo-writer, I see writing is much more important than a whimsical hobby.

Writing helps me acknowledge my soul.  Writing demands that I come from a centered space so that I can learn from myself and contribute something worthy to a reader.

I’ve not been an explorer of my life these past couple of years… at least not in the way that I was.   I turned into the child that stayed out in the playground that didn’t know how to go home.  I thought I made a lot of friends, had a lot of laughs and shared my toys and the food from my lunchbox.  In the end, everyone left to play somewhere else, leaving me with broken toys, a weight of tiredness and the sense that I’ve traveled far from home.

I had to find my way back… following the distant calls of voices from “home.”

I’m tired but I’m back…. and hoping to write again from that place that is quiet and strong and whole.


UMA:  “A blog with a soul!!!!!!!!”

DOCTORMATE:  “Presence …A superb diarist resides here … jnet writes with calming power and silken insight …”

DAWNBLUE:  “Beautiful artwork along with beautiful words as to what the importance is to this person. I spent time stumbling Jnet and found myself lost in her world of music and art and could spend an eternity.”

IFIKNEWBETTER:  “i enjoyed her blog… lots of neat quotes… wonderful lasting images… lasting thoughts… a rainbow of ideas… “Beauty, the power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband.” “Don’t go through life, grow through life.”

QUHQUH:  “JNET is an explorer on the frontiers of her self and her trail is worth sharing. Thanks, JNET.”

COOLBUS:  “this is my second review of a stumbler that has a beautiful blog. it’s full of excellent writing and more. her writings always tickle my mind. visit here. spend time, and come away the better for it. 200 thumbs up for this neato person!”

SWEETMELISSA2005:  “JNET’s way with words.., WOW. If she is not a writer or does not plan to become a writer, well then too bad for us because she does it so eloquently. I am truly in awe.”


JNET is back… slowly but surely… piecing herself together.  Jnetsworld turned 4 and then 5.  Time to grow up and enjoy the school of life.



~ by jnetsworld on May 26, 2010.


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