minding the silence

Minding the Silence

It’s so easy to miss those tiny notations of silence sometimes. Afterall, aren’t the notes the most important things to pay attention to?

Rests are so…. slight… so abstract. These squiggles, dashes and numbers that dictate silence in a score demanding that we delay sound for less than a blink or sometimes much much more.

You learn to anticipate well

You learn to anticipate well and perhaps learn how to make the notes meaningful. What? You don’t only have to work on mastering notes but you have to master the silence that punctuates the sound too?


Else you step into a space not meant for you… else you ring out a note into a space that makes the harmony muddled and create dissonance… else you step into the void and find that everyone will be joining you in 4 more bars and you get to embarrass yourself.

What’s the point of trading solos if you can’t mind your silence? How moving can the music be can be if we “played” the rests well?

Some thoughts to play with.



~ by jnetsworld on February 28, 2010.


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