please bring me flowers and leave your broken heart at the door

Please Bring Me Flowers and Leave Your Broken Heart At the Door

I threw a sweet little funny valentine party, my response to the anti-valentine, jaded love sentiment. Think homeroom with Miss JNET.

I wanted to host an event that engendered HOPE. Hope is something that 7 year olds have in ready supply. Its another story for many once they exit high school .

Was it the candy grams and little cards of school life that sustained our delicate hearts before we hit college and work? Is it the love and security that we received from parents that leaves us feeling lost after flying the nest?

How’s a person to navigate in a world that they think is cold?

Chop wood and make a fire!

In other words, work and create it.

I want hope in my life, happiness, and joy and so I design it. Every person, every hour, every conversation becomes a mindful choice… as well as UNchoice. Where the vision of hope, happiness and joy becomes blurry or thwarted on purpose, I let go. I leave it outside my house.

But inside my house, Valentines evening…. I’m serving candy hearts and cocktails. And my friends are writing little cards to one another. The nightmare dating story didn’t have room to be indulged when there are more defining things to consider like good friends who have hope and like to laugh.

What to do when the world seems cold?

Chop wood and make a fire…. create the warmth.


~ by jnetsworld on February 15, 2010.


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