romantic nonfiction

Romantic Nonfiction

MM: Please tell me a JNET story.

JNET: Of what genre would you like your story in? πŸ™‚ Would you like to hear the JNET fairy tale story? the adventure one? the ???? one? Name it… and you will have a story πŸ™‚

MM: Romantic nonfiction please.

A blog entry and exercise just for my friend MM.


ROMANTIC: 1. suggestive of the world of romance (jnetsworld is that and a bag of chips!) 2. characterized by a preoccupation with love or by the idealizing of love or one’s beloved (living IS loving for a negativity slayer) 3. displaying or expressing love or strong affection (mwuah mwuah mwuah) 4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a style of literature and art that subordinates form to content, encourages freedom of treatment, emphasizes imagination, emotion, and introspection, and often celebrates nature, the ordinary person, and freedom of the spirit (JNET is INTJ) 5. of or pertaining to a musical style characteristic chiefly of the 19th century and marked by the free expression of imagination and emotion, virtuosic display, experimentation with form, and the adventurous development of orchestral and piano music and opera…. (What would Beethoven do? is JNET’s favorite question)

NONFICTION: the branch of literature comprising works of narrative prose dealing with or offering opinions or conjectures upon facts and reality, including biography, history, and the essay

MM, here is my narrative imaginative introspective.

JNET has been romancing life. You can go through the archives. I’ve romanced over music; surrendering seasons to Debussy and Albeniz and writing about travels to exotic places around the world to taking pictures of sharks, hiking various urban meccas and diving out of planes.

I’ve studied tango and salsa but I REALLY want to study flamenco dance. I bought the special shoes and everything but somehow get pulled into social dancing circles that have nothing to do with flamenco dance. Salsa and tango are just irresistible flirts when its really flamenco that I have my eyes (or feet) set on. Meanwhile, I do dance and perform with Kayamanan Ng Lahi, a folks arts group of my peeps from my nick of the pacific. Rehearsal and performance are exercise disciplines.

Its all about writing, teaching the piano, and photography at the given moment. And my dance partner is LIFE.

What kind of romantic nonfiction is THAT?

In other words, onay on the oyfriendbay estionquay πŸ™‚

I have my muse… who I call the mathematician. I won’t write about him at this given moment but I do credit a good deal of my work through the years on account of his counsel and inspiration.

And who needs an oyfriendbay henway my orldway is urroundedsay by so anymay amazing riendsfay, amilyfay embersmay and ovinglay eoplepay?

There’s a long story, you see. A good one. Life has me on the edge of my seat. I hadn’t quite got the dance of work and true love down but the choreography is being drawn up. Just going for whatever I am going for will pan everything just right in its own timing or God’s timing if we want to get specific here πŸ™‚

Life definitely has a WOW factor over me. Every day has a sense of anticipation and promise. There are just too many coincidences happening on a regular basis that I am fascinated…. I am in a sense “romancing life” and sharing it with someone special is in the works for this happily ever after girl.

From the serene spartan world of the mathematician and imaginative world of candy wax cutie to taking a splash in a shark cage, I can’t say that I feel like I’m missing something or someone in my romantic nonfiction story in the making. Everything is in place, I’m just working out my lines on stage and wondering how it all fits together – the future is in the making. May the force be with you as it is with me.

MM. How is this for a chapter of romantic nonfiction?

Cheers. Its a little bit more substance than JNET: single, social butterfly.


~ by jnetsworld on December 9, 2009.


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