of kings and queens

Of Kings and Queens

I am thankful of the wonderful family I am part of. I am loved and I am honored.

Some families dread being together. Some families are flippant with one another. And some families find comfort in being invisible to one another.

But my family….

Arriving… whether to my mom’s or either one of my brothers’ homes or even my brothers’ in-laws is always like arriving to a castle where there is celebrating. Sound out the trumpets!

My nieces call me Auntie Princess.

Life at the castle… the kingdoms built forth and fortified by my family and extended family is where I come from. Children laughing and running around. There is food celebrated as well as the persons who cooked or baked to be impressed with. Recipes are shared. There is entertainment, a movie watched together, pictures shared, a board game, my video of my dance performance in Acapulco… and lots of conversation woven through-out it all.

Praises towards achievements and encouragements towards goals peppered with lots of good humor is the way we spend our time together whether its the holidays or a random day together. Witty jousting always returns to a respectable close. Touche. And I notice that my brother never misses an opportunity to praise his wife whether in a crowd or in private conversation. NEVER 🙂

It is always nice to return home to the castle.

Shortly, I return back to my kingdom that I am building.

V: “JNET, we would love you to find someone like I have found in your brother.” My sister-in-law is still gushing over my brother and they’ve been married for many years now.

JNET: “My brothers set the bar pretty high. I’ll find my king in time.”

Meanwhile, I mind my kingdom. I grow what I am blessed with and I protect what is put in my care. With or without a king, I am loved and honored because I am part of a kingdom.


I am Auntie Princess 🙂



~ by jnetsworld on November 29, 2009.


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