facing sharks

Facing Sharks

I went on a shark dive while on vacation in Oahu.

M: “Were you afraid?”

JNET: “No.”

I suppose it seems like an odd thing to do, getting into a shark cage in the middle of the ocean, considering that I do not even know how to swim.

But then, I did also jump out of a plane and I don’t know how to fly.

How can I be afraid?

I knew what I getting into… a plane, a shark cage, the open sky, the ocean. I knew I wasn’t exactly being a pioneer. Many others before me had enjoyed skydiving and looking at sharks. Some people loved it so much that they created the opportunity to enjoy these activities.

Though I didn’t need to know how to fly or swim to enjoy skydiving or a shark tour, I trusted that no one wanted to deal with drama, dead bodies and lawsuits. I wanted an exciting experience. I wanted something memorable and something worth talking about for many years . I wanted the “safe” and “thrilling” adventure they promised I would remember forever.

And I got just that, an experience that I loved, that filled me with awe and reverence, that was thrilling and will be something I will talk or write of for many years to come.

Is it worth the risk – this putting myself in the open ocean or open sky?

Is it worth the risk so to be present to beauty, awe and the sense to be absolutely in love with the present moment???

Risk doesn’t have to feel scary. Risk can feel beautiful and delicious 🙂



~ by jnetsworld on September 24, 2009.


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