words that speak of power

Words That Speak of Power

Snippets that are floating on my mind from this past week…

“Every 40 seconds, a family forecloses their home.”

“In the 1940’s, 1 out of 16 people got cancer…. today… 1 out of 2 will battle cancer.”

“The economic woes of today are forecasted to continue for the next 5 to 10 years.”

“More downsizing to come…”

What is it to really have power in a time like this?

I watched a couple of dance videos this past week that humbled me. One was a salsa couple that had so much enthusiasm, that it was hard to believe that one of the dancers was missing a leg. He danced with crutches. The dancers’ blog led me to watch another couple that astounded me to tears.

Do you know what I saw? I saw something absolutely beautiful that I was awed by the artistry, the passion and projection of a couple that defied being less than beautiful.

So is success to be measured by perfect health or the health of one’s bank account?

H. from Toastmasters gave me some new words to kick around my thoughts… power words that were not of the indulgent “I-have-more-toys” camp, nor Trump “you’re fired” tribe.

What about these words? H. presented.

“Are you okay?”

“How can I help you?”

“Are you hungry?”

At first glance, they seem like simple words. But, are they simple? Are we in a position where we have a bit of spare love in thin times? Have we been maintaining our soul’s energy account that we can extend such words such intentions to someone else?

Who are these people that despite hardship, still have something to give to those around them to make a life a bit more light and perhaps the world a bit richer?

How would your thoughts travel if these snippets float in your mind…

“Every 40 seconds a friend comes to the aid of a troubled friend…”

“Share a meal with a friend – you may solve more than a hunger issue.”

“How would life be if you just entertained dancing 1 percent as good as this couple?”

H’s words hit me at home today while visiting my brother. The baby’s are just beginning to speak. I was especially touched while struggling to the door with my luggage when the 3 year old looked at me intently and asked…

“Need help?”

She has barely began speaking and walking for that matter… and yet I got the sweetness of her question. She has a lot of love to spare and she concerned about thinking if she was strong enough to carry my stuff.

Her words speaks of the power and strength of love despite circumstance… The world is a good and powerful place if there are 3 years olds and older stretching out a graceful hand.



~ by jnetsworld on February 21, 2009.


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