peacing myself

Peacing Myself

I am back to a practicing the piano routine, as well as a writing / blogging routine. I have a photography shoot coming up in a few weeks and my dance group is in hiatus.

I feel like last year was about painting this huge mural (figuratively). It is now 2009 and I look at the many things I did last year and think… wow… I suppose I was a bit of a mad artist.

My piano chops had some fun for a little bit with a spell of intimate concerts at home with a flutist friend who is also a salsa friend. Those little gatherings at home were accompanied with small dance parties . All that sound and music activity gave way to an energy to put into blogging and podcasting. I went a bit extreme in countering my interrupted podcasting life by doing a show everyday for a week or so.. tapering to three a week until dance rehearsals became demanding and coupled with technical difficulties; a break from podcasting was needed.

Quieter my life became… summer dance rehearsals kicked salsa off my plate… Being tired and physically not up for extra demands other than my yoga and pilates practice … I even stopped playing the piano. My teaching practice grew… and grew. I have students in a flying pattern to return to a open slot.

My life once had space to think and practice. How did it get so full? What do I think about all of this overwhelming “fullness?” Thank God. What else is there to think? I do want an even fuller life… paint bigger murals (figuratively)… therefore, I am working out the balance.

2008 was a workout… physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, intellectually…

I didn’t want to sit still in my free time. I wanted to lie down!

Mom was having her second surgery of the year and the demands were up there… I pressed on as I am compelled to do. I kept up with my photography gigs though – for that project with a friend seemed to be my quietest project.

I rang in the new year ready to embrace solitude again yet was happy to share the day with gentle spirit people.

It’s week two. I was in a car accident (minor) last week. My car is dinged but I am not. I am settling myself down.

I am peacing myself. And wishing peace to you.



~ by jnetsworld on January 15, 2009.


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