i care for no opinion

I Care For No Opinion

It has been brought to my attention several times that I really ought to watch my thoughts and how I express them.

E: “Why don’t you ask R for his opinion?”

JNET: “If R has something important to share with me, I think he would’ve shared it by now. Perhaps he trusts my judgement.. And if I really cared for his opinion I would’ve asked by now.”

HA: ” Stay with safe topics and be agreeable. Things will be easier for you, if you take my advice.”

JNET: ” You’re the only one that seems to have a conflict with my ideas. I don’t think you really understand me.”

HA: “You are naive and idealistic. I think I speak for several of your friends. I don’t want to mention names and its only for your own good. Get in step.”

The above is a simple collage of a re-occuring theme. Expressing one’s self… even out of compassion and truth doesn’t always make perfect landings on everyone….

But what if the majority of the people who know me would’ve never made the conclusions that a slim minority does…. should I change the way I am so that I can attempt at winning 100% ? Should I have to second guess myself and wonder if I’ve made the acceptance line after I’ve met a goal that I am happy enough with?

It is one thing to make special arrangements… like making sure your vegetarian friends are happy guests by preparing something special for them. But in the party of life, I don’t think anyone has the right to tell the host how to entertain.

Can a guest tell you what you should serve or how you ought to dress and what you ought to talk about?

How would life go if we lived all on the opinion of the loudest complainer of the crowd? Wouldn’t you have to change everything with each different place you encountered?

In the end, it only seems to make sense to be myself. I care for no opinion. I don’t mind listening and settling out misunderstandings. But to change myself simply due to an opposing opinion…. I see no sanity in that.

Would you change yourself if I told you…

I don’t understand you. Be like me and I’ll accept you and so will the rest…

Ahhh… how the “voice of friendship” sometimes speaks….



~ by jnetsworld on January 7, 2009.


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